Affluent Research Timeline

January 13th, 1979
Speech for the New York Stock Exchange

February 1st, 1981
National Affluent Study (1981-1982)


June 1st, 1980
Conducted National Study of Millionaires for Chase Manhattan...

March 1st, 1984
"America's Affluent" published in American Demographics

February 1st, 1981

National Affluent Study (1981-1982)

May 1981 - February 1982

Dr. Stanley authored "The National Affluent Study" for a consortium of the largest (top) 50 financial institutions in America.  In addition to designing the study, Dr. Stanley traveled the country conducting focus group interviews of millionaires.  His interpretation of these interviews served as a base for the national survey of 3,000 affluent households that was part of the study.

The questionnaire that Dr. Stanley designed for the national survey contained more than 300 questions.  In spite of its length, the response rate to this mail survey was over 30 percent.  Question categories included:  financial lifestyles and attitudes; financial goals; sources used for financial advice and information; credit usage and related patronage; ratings of a variety of financial institutions; financial institution patronage habits for a variety of services; income sources; consumption habits as a function of income; financial service and product needs; ownership of twenty-seven categories of assets/investments; cash management habits and intentions; attitudes and preferences concerning life insurance products and services; financial intentions in light of tax law changes; household composition and socioeconomic characteristics; credit card usage; net worth, and asset composition.

The sample design for the mail survey was produced by Jonathan Robbin.  The advance statistical analysis including cluster modeling was conducted by Dr. Murphy Sewall.  The mail survey and tabulations were conducted by Opinion Research Corporation.