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Mulally of Ford; Tebow of The Jets

By Thomas J. Stanley on Apr 3rd, 2012 in Mentor's Corner

   According to a Wall Street Journal article, the chief executive of Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally, had the highest compensation package among all executives in the automotive industry.  This is not surprising given the achievements he has made at Ford.  In an recent cable news program about Mr. Mulally, it was mentioned that early in […]

Enhance Your Image by Writing Articles

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 29th, 2012 in Other

Medical Economics is one of the most respected periodicals read by physicians.  I was honored  to have several of my articles about physicians and how they rank among high income producers in terms of accumulating wealth published in that journal.  And the demand for my books has greatly benefitted from the exposure.   You may recall the profile of Dr. […]

Status Symbols: John Deere versus Tiffany’s

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 22nd, 2012 in Studying the Wealthy

In a recent broadcast of Mad Money, Jim Cramer did an analysis of several retailers who cater to the affluent.  One of these was Tiffany’s.  Jim indicated that the company’s stock price, of course, was highly correlated with its sales and ultimately its profits.  Further, he proposed that the performance of this upscale retailer is highly correlated with profits and […]

Marketing to the Affluent in Small Towns

By Thomas J. Stanley on Mar 8th, 2012 in Other

In Stop Acting Rich, I mentioned that many farmers are wealthy because they adhere to the basic rule for building wealth: whatever your income is, live below your means.  In spite of being an affluent segment, it receives very little press coverage.  I also briefly profiled a company that was one of my first clients in the […]

Encourage Leadership; Reap Success

By Thomas J. Stanley on Feb 16th, 2012 in Mentor's Corner

Ron Chernow’s book, Washington: A Life, has been well received by most critics.  In an interview published in The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Chernow said of President Washington:  You don’t have to be the brightest or the most original mind on the block . . . but what Washington’s life shows is the clarity of vision, the […]

A Good Reputation is More Valuable than Gold

By Thomas J. Stanley on Feb 9th, 2012 in Lessons Learned

Dion DiMucci has been a constant fixture in the rock and roll colony of great artists since the 1950s.  Now, even at the age of 72, his music is in high demand.  An interview with “Dion” was recently published in The Wall Street Journal. No one would argue that he has musical talent.  But he also […]

Wealth Tax Today, Confiscation Tomorrow?

By Thomas J. Stanley on Jan 17th, 2012 in Studying the Wealthy

Proposals for a tax on wealth frighten me.  Take for example a recent editorial “The Conservative Case for a Wealth Tax” by Ronald McKinnon in The Wall Street Journal.  Mr. McKinnon first argues that increasing the income tax rate of high earners would be for various reasons ineffective in raising federal revenue.  He claims that “income inequality . . […]

1% versus 99%: Widening Income Gap? Not!

By Thomas J. Stanley on Dec 13th, 2011 in Current Events

One has to be amazed at the distorted views presented in the media and in the political arena regarding “the rich.”   But Alan J. Reynolds does provide some objective reality in his editorial, “Tax rates, inequality and the 1%.”  He first cites a statement from the Congressional Budget Office: The share of income received by the top 1% […]

Unhappy 99%ers: Sell Your US Citizenship to Chinese Millionaires

By Thomas J. Stanley on Nov 8th, 2011 in Current Events

Stories about the so-called “evil rich”, the ever controllinig 1%, are rampant in the news.   But the good deeds of the rich, if reported at all, are many times buried in the back pages.  Take for example the 3″ x 6″ article published in The New York Times, “Two Cheers for the Malaria Vaccine.”   […]

“Any Economically Successful Man Doesn’t Gamble”

By Thomas J. Stanley on Sep 27th, 2011 in Current Events

As of March, 2011, “there were 1.7 million active poker player accounts in the US from players wagering around $14 billion a year online” (see The Wall Street Journal). A lot of these players must feel that they can gamble themselves into millionaire status.  And who can blame them?  Cable television relentlessly glorifies gambling and constantly associates poker playing, especially, […]