An Update on “The Book”

By Sarah Fallaw on Aug 15th, 2018 in Books and Publications, Current Events, Studying the Wealthy

On October 1, the book my father and I began writing several years ago will, at long last, make its appearance on bookshelves. The title is The Next Millionaire Next Door, and it focuses on what it will take for this (or any) generation to achieve lasting financial success. Our research revealed (and thus our writing focused on) themes related to awareness of how individuals behave in relation to money; how economically successful individuals allocate time, money, and energy; and the discipline it takes to get to a point where you are not beholden to a paycheck and can call your own shots and become economically independent.

I hope you’ll take a look at the new book when it’s out. I’ll be sending out updates through our mailing list and through the blog. I welcome your constructive feedback. This has been a labor of love, completed without its guru, and I’m thankful for the support, and even some of the criticism, that has pushed the book to completion.

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  1. Larry Queen says:

    Your father’s book was life changing to myself and several friends. I’m very sad to hear of his passing.

    I have begun a habit of gifting the book to high school graduates, but because so many gift books are not read, I include a $100 unsigned check and an invitation (after reading it) to have lunch, discuss the book, and sign the check.

  2. Cindy Strickland Hernandez says:

    Oh I am so excited! Your dads book is on list of favorite books. I’m passing out my list tomorrow evening at my first speech about going from bankrupt to millionaire in 15 years. The Millionaire Next Door had a big piece in that journey. With love,

  3. Greg Gagne says:

    Any plans for an audio book?

  4. Douglas Savitt says:

    Dear Sarah, Your fathers books in 1996 and 2000 were valuable additions to my home library. They reinforced much of my views on money management. I was sad to read about his passing. He was only one year older than me. I have been retired now for 9 years from a successful career in finance. Most of my 35 years were with Paine Webber /UBS. Good luck with your future publishing.

  5. Jeff Summers says:

    I first read The Millionaire Next Door when I was 29 years old – the year it was written. I can’t say enough about how the book changed my way of thinking, especially in my formative years as a young adult who was starting a business. Nearly 23 years later, the habits and philosophies have formed a foundation in my financial “DNA”. Even though my “balance sheet” has changed, my habits have not. I credit your father for making that difference. It’s wonderful to be able to look forward to a Tom Stanley book headed into print. My only regret is that I never got to meet him. It’s great that you’re keeping his legacy alive. Thank you.

  6. Dirk Fleischman says:

    The 1996 and 2000 editions are part of my library. I can’t even count the # of time I have read them. They are underlined In so many places. These books have been my bible for years The values taught in these books allowed for me to retire at 52. I refuse to retire though. I love my profession of dentistry. I now teach it and provide all my graduating seniors with a copy of The Millionaire Next Door. I look so forward to reading the new book. Your dad was a good man who I had an opportunity to talk with many times. It’s wonderful that your continuing his and your journey.

  7. Doug Hill says:

    Can’t wait Sarah! How can I get a bulk purchase ordered?

  8. Mark says:

    Looking forward to the new book. Original changed my financial life as well and was very sad to hear of your father’s passing.

  9. Robert T. says:

    So where do we order the book?
    Amazon or others suggestions?

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