The Ultimate in Alone Time

By Sarah Fallaw on Mar 9th, 2017 in Current Events

If you are the mother of small children, or a working mom, or a woman who needs a mental escape from your busy day, the idea of having a place all to yourself is appealing. The latest in ultimate escapism is aptly called the “she shed,” discussed in depth in the Wall Street Journal. In summary, the she shed is a detached structure designed for moms to escape from the nagging, crying, and fighting that often accompanies a household of with children, or any other household or work-related annoyance. With this¬†alternative to and competitor of the “man cave,” women are taking to their backyards to find solitude.

The idea has roots in the basic notion of having alone time, which can lead to less anxiety and increased energy. Of course we all need alone time, but how long will it take before this alone time refuge becomes another way to demonstrate conspicuous consumption? Do a quick search on Pinterest for “she shed” and you’ll see it won’t take too long at all. As retailers describe it, she-sheds are a new way to “reach consumers” and their wallets.

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